WhatsApp 10 tips & tricks You must know

in this article we are know about How to use trick’s and tips in WhatsApp application, some tricks old and some tips new but In time everyone not idea about this tricks. Are you saying brother your knowledge is very powerful. First in Google Play Store you can update your whatapp app.

status Hide in WhatsApp,Hide your Last seen in new update are you hide your profile a particular person. For this open your WhatsApp then going account

  • tap for privacy
  • Then tap for profile photo after accepted my contact then you can see your contact, Now select person he can’t see your profile picture then ok for Save details.

Some people in WhatsApp After massage then delete save everyone’s History.

  • Go to your mobile setting and get search Notification History.
  • In turn on Notifications History for Save all notifications.
  • For checking delete notifications simple you are go to setting then search Notification History tap for whatapp, Now you can see the Delete conversation of whatsapp.

In WhatsApp Groups replying privately

  • Open your WhatsApp group then long press her conversation massage then tap three dots … Select option Private chat Now tap this option. Now you can chat privately a particular person.

Disappearing conversation

  • If you have some confidencial conversation and you not want to published your private conversation in anyone then you must try this tricks.
  • After open WhatsApp going conversation room then tap in 3 dots and select disappearing massage then select your time like 24 hours, 48 hours, 7days. Then conversation automatic delete in mentioned time.

WhatsApp in two android and iOS phone

  • Go to Google Play store and search Whatapp business Get install this app.
  • Some users download GB WhatsApp and whatapp Gold for two different accounts, But now don’t worries for this.

Stop scam Massage in WhatsApp

in time a third-party people unnecessary adding you Ina whatapp groups and you tension for whatapp Notifications. Now time use trick’s and save your phone to unwanted notifications.

  • Go to your WhatsApp account after privacy then groups defaultly select Everyone But you can decide who adding you in a group.

For using secured Whatapp active two step verification

Go to your whatapp account then two step verification trun on register your email I’d and create a 6 digit password.

Anyone not see your conversation How to enble fingerprint unlock in WhatsApp

  • Go to whatapp application then account tap to open then privacy then scroll to footer side then see the Fingerprint lock tap to enble this select immediate option.
  • If you can exit whatapp application then before opening fingerprint unlock is necessary.

How to add Meme , Gif in WhatsApp

  • Go to your Google chrome browser then search a gif or meme.
  • Select your gif then long press for copying image then open your WhatsApp and paste conversation room. gif or meme you can use without download.

sending massage without save contact number in WhatsApp

  • Go to browser type wa.me/county code(10 digit mobile number) then go Now you can send the massage without saving Numbers.

Parients tricks

  • Open your WhatsApp then account and stroage data then manage storage then in first name list you know this the person of conversation.

Pink WhatsApp Vs GB WhatsApp

WhatsApp pink

this day very trending topics pink whatapp and people installed pink whatapp application. You receive a massage like Whatapp lunch new variant name pink whatapp if you installed this app you can see features and technology in app Don’t installed this type application. This a third party application so don’t used this. If you installed this APK data,video,photos and docs automatic shared through third-party people, So don’t trying to install this type application.

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