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In this article we are know about India’s species and crazy YouTubers tech Burner Biography. If you fan of tech Burner read this article to end point. Tech Burner real name is slok shreebastav he Born 3 December 1995 in middle class family of Delhi.

Childhood & education of Slok shreebastav (Tech Burner)

Slok shreebastav father was a government employees and mother also a housewife another a sister. Slok in childhood time he always thinking about gadget and technology, he love the technology and he complete her schooling in Delhi. But her parents not affordable for gadget, parents always thinking if we have fulfill her gadget he not focused in her study. Very top for admission County’s biggest institute that’s reason to prepare to clear JEE join a coaching but he always know compilation top for JEE.

After hard work her ranked was not very clear to join JEE. SLOK shreebastav family dream slok as a engineer then slok admission for SRM UNIVERSITY, Chennai. In study time know about what is information technology then he complete her graduation in 2018. Slok a YouTubers and entrepreneur, .

Carrier of Slok shreebastav ( Tech Burner )

in 10th Slok shreebastav create her first YouTube channel then he created random technology videos, he record her videos in Father’s laptop only voice camera not working. In voice recording time laptop fan sound like a helicopter fan. Slok show all video in her friend circular then slok friends say one day you have a big creater in India. Then slok shreebastav decided to continuously upload video up to 1 year. In her life 90$ her YouTube account but her channel suspend due to 3 copyright ©️ strike. In fast year of college he learned many more things about technology.

3 February 2014 create a YouTube channel name was slok shreebastav a personal account. But love the gadget he another one channel tech Burner in 2 September 2014. Slok search in Google how to famous, first he uploaded a Video Best pc build india releted but expiry configuration of pc build in one months. That’s reason in starting days some videos go to private. After this slok shreebastav start poster design as a freelancer and join a NGO to educate people about transgressions.

He started book organisation for money but as usual he not success in this business. He created her content in English then he spend some saving to buying a DSLR camera for upgrade content but due not perfect setup he created a video park and parking lot. He attended YouTube creater camp to learn about how to make YouTube videos, he created short movie in collage time to engaged himself and playing football. In final Year her job decided to a design company annual packages 8 Lakhs, but he didn’t say to family then he tell her about jobs friends say you should be join this job.after know job news slok family was very happy but slok says I do not going to jobs .

Family sicked for Weird discussion of Slok family and friends convince to get this job but slok says I have fulltime work for YouTube, this time see not complete 2000 subscribers in YouTube. He believes himself he do everything in the YouTube and he analysis viewers watch her videos don’t enjoying this. That’s reason to start her videos in Hindi for all audience he mix comedy and technology develop a content. Due change language dropped her view But she not stop working.

then slowly slowly channel growing up and now finally a 10 million audience based platform. Viewers like her videos comedy and tech mix, he doing some different comparing other tech channel. Viewers easily connect in viewers view points slok as Brother, friends from different Angel. Viewers attract slok shrivtastav personality in 2020 take burner subscriber as grow in 1000% and slok Srivastava achieve the milestone of YouTube. Shlok shrivtastav team launch 100 to 200 apps in Play Store. Today’s slok Srivastav As a successful YouTubers, and a businessman. 20 person team working mobile leather screen guard and sticker Deal with mobile cover.

Family of Tech Burner

slok shreebastav girl friend name sidhu varadwaja.

Income of Tech Burner

every YouTubers income source was different. Paid promotion, sponsorship and Adsence. In views count slok shreebastav income 10lacs in YouTube (this not a excruciating amount).

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