Shree Ganesh Episode 2 In English

This? What did just happen? Parvati. My Lord. My Lord, I saw a child’s figure. It seemed like he was playing hide-and-seek with me. Then, I started painting it. A ray emanated out of it. And this.. “Lord Ganesha.” “Vanquisher of obstacles.” “Lord Ganesha.” “Vanquisher of obstacles.” “Lord Ganesha.” Dear. Rays define life. The ray which emanated from the picture was a part of your wish. The one who showed a glimpse of himself.. The way you want him he too wants to be yours. Do you remember I had granted you boon of another child? ‘Until our Son Kartikeya returns after completing his task’ ‘you will have another son.’ Your desire turned true in this form and made you realise about its presence.

Dear. Everything that happens has a reason behind it. Do not worry. This imperfect portrait made by you is an indication of fulfilling your desires in the near future. My Lord. Will my desire be fulfilled? How is it possible? What about the promises you made to the other deities? ‘Promise me’ ‘that you and Lady Parvati’ ‘will never have a child.’ How do we get our son? Parvati. Our hopes keep the disappointments at bay and help us see the future. The way we got Kartikeya similarly we will also get another son. But you have to do something exclusive for that. What do I have to do, My Lord? How do we get rid of the promise made to the other deities? A sacred ritual. What is Lord Shiva up to? He’ll get a son that too by performing a ritual? How is that possible? How can anyone have a child just by worshipping? It is possible, Parvati. You will have to satiate Sri Hari by a ritual. Because he keeps hope from the most futile beings. Nothing is impossible for him. But Lord, Sri Hari Vishnu is my brother. He will give me everything I want. Why do I need to perform this ritual It is true. But to gain anything in this world one needs to struggle. This ritual of yours will set an example in front of the whole world. If this is what is needed I shall definitely perform this ritual. But that ritual takes years of harsh penance, Parvati. You will have to do this alone. Will you be able to live away from me for so long? ‘Mother.’ Staying away from you will be unbearable, My Lord. But staying away from you for some time can get me a son. If this is what is necessary in the fast I will do this as well. Hail the Lord, Lord Indra. Hail the Lord. Let Goddess Parvati venerate. You should worry about something else. Has this ever happened that Lord Shiva didn’t live up to his words? I was thinking about the same, Sage. How can Lord Shiva not live up to his promises? But Lady Parvati’s myth will definitely be cleared. Hail the Lord, Lord Indra. Hail the Lord, Lord Indra. Look there, Lord Indra. The one who is going to fulfil his wishes by meditating there will be a problem for all of the deities if his wishes come true. Hail the Lord. Son of

Praise be upon him.. Lord Shiva! This is the beginning of my austerity. I shall please You! I shall be the receiver of Your boon. Even the deities will not be able to stop me from becoming the conqueror of the three realms. I shall importune You to bless me with this boon, Lord! I shall have to stop his penance along with the deities. “The mother of the world has taken a resolution” “to do a fast for her son.” “Leaving her comforts behind” “she is preparing for this ordeal.” “The hard work does not bother her” “she is preparing the offering with great vigour.” “She sleeps on the floor.” “Makes all the arrangements herself.” “She picks the fruits herself” “and collects flowers too.” “She wakes up early in the morning” “and begins by purifying the place.” “The mother then gets ready to prepare for the fast.” Lady Parvati! Sanath Kumar is here. Praise Lord Shiva. Praise Lord Shiva. Praise Lord Shiva. The austerity of Gajasur is growing stronger. If this goes on, he will appease Lord Shiva and acquire boon from Him and pose a problem for us. Lord Surya Lord Agni Lord Chandra and Lord Vayu we will have to destroy Gajasur’s austerity. I shall put your worry to rest in a moment, Lord Indra. Gajasur will not be able to stand my heat. Praise Lord Shiva! Praise.. Praise Lord Shiva! Lord Agni could not succeed. But my effulgence can never fail. Gajasur will not be able to bear my effulgence. Praise Lord Shiva! Praise Lord Shiva! Praise Lord Shiva! – Deities! Before Gajasur gains more power and destroys our glory we should combine all our powers and attack him. We have to disrupt his ritual. Assault! Hail Lord Shiva! Hail Lord Shiva! Hail Lord Shiva! Hail Lord Shiva! Hail Lord Shiva! ‘How is this possible?’

‘We are guardians and yet we cannot’ ‘disrupt Gajasur from his ritual?’ Hail.. Hail Lord Shiva! Lady Parvati. Once you start the ritual and there is a hindrance, it will result in chaos. Please rest assured, Sage. I will arrange for the ritual to be completed without any disturbance. The guardian of Kailash. The mount of Lord Shiva. Kind and mighty. Come forth, Nandi. Greetings, Mother. You asked for me? Nandi, I want you to guard this place till I complete my prayer. No one should enter this place till I complete my ritual. No one should step foot in here. No one. As you command, Mother. Please rest assured. I will not allow anything to disturb your ritual. No one will enter this place. ‘Will he be able to understand such a clear command?’ Mother Parvati. The Sun has risen. The dawn is here. The auspicious hour for your ritual draws near. We should be seated for the ritual. ‘Nandi, I want you to guard this place’ ’till I complete my prayer.’ ‘No one should enter this place till I complete my ritual.’ ‘No one should step foot in here. No one.’ ‘No one should enter this place till I complete my ritual.’ My Lord.

My Lord, Mother has.. ‘The Lord did not stop.’ ‘What will happen to the ritual?’ I am Parvati, the consort of Lord Shiva. I hereby hold a votive that.. ‘Forgive me, Mother.’ ‘I could not keep my word to you.’ Beloved. ‘Just as we received Kartikeya’ ‘we will get another son.’ ‘What do we have to do for it?’ ‘A sacred ritual.’ ‘If that is needed’ ‘then I will do it.’ ‘But that ritual takes years’ ‘of harsh penance.’ This is chaos. Your ritual is disrupted. You could not even hold the votive complete so how will you go through the entire ritual, Lady Parvati? How did you enter inside, my Lord? I had commanded Nandi not to let anyone inside till I complete my ritual. Nandi is dedicated to me, he is my loyal mount so how can he stop me? ‘Nandi has broken my trust.’ ‘I now know that my word holds no meaning’ ‘compared to the command of my Lord.’ The auspicious hour of my ritual has passed. The ritual ended before I could even begin. Forgive me, beloved. I made a mistake. I give you my word. I will not be any hindrance to your ritual now. ‘The ritual ending right at the beginning..’ ‘Can it be a sign’ ‘that I will never get another son?’

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