sankat mochan hanuman episode | Hanuman Born Story

It’s time that you get paid for your good deeds. You’ll soon beget a child. Bless you!

‘You’ll soon be blessed by me through Vayu.’ ‘Accept the offering from your husband, Kesari.’And soon their wishes came true. Anjana was carrying a child. As all of you know that motherhood brings in a lot of changes in a woman’s body. One has to face a lot ofn discomfort and difficulties. Hence, mother-in-law and sister-in-lawtake utmost careof the mother-to-be.Lord, who was there with Anjana to take care of her.Anjana was very fortunate.Because to take care of her the mother of all, Goddess Jagadamba,from Vindhya was there.Nandi, I am leavingfor an important work.Please take care of Lord.

If he steps out on his state of meditation I’ve arranged for the needful. Be rest assured.Beloved! Yes.My urn has no water.Can you fill it with water for me?Let it be.Nandi will do it.No.Why do you have to tell him when I am there? Let me fill it for you. Let it be. I almost forgot. Let me fill it using the stream that flows from my hair. You may go.You’re doing it intentionally, right?I must go.You seem anxious about Anjana. That’s how a mother is. And I have my reasons. You’ve blessed her with a child. Even an ascetic like Anjana can’t handle it. I need to instruct her.I need to protect her and help her.

May I leave? You certainly may! She needs you. Bless you!Lord Shiva too has a good sense of humour like you.

I never knew this. This means.. Lord Krishna and Lord Shiva aren’t any different. I never knew that his better half was so worried. Fear happens to co-exist with love. Love brings in anxiety and fear. When ordinary mothers love their children so much then the one who’s the mother of the universe will obviously love and fear. She is ought to harbour love. I am Gauri. My cow shall answer all your questions. Ask anything you want to. Gauri! If you permit me may I ask him a few questions. Queen has summoned you. I am Gauri. My cow shall answer all your questions. Ask anything you want to. Tell me about my child. Your endless devotion has won you this boon. You’ll beget a son. He’ll be playful educated and an intellectual. You must take good care of yourself. Care? What’s wrong? Is my child alright? Why do you worry? That’s why I am here. In order to save your son.

One who possesses Ganges Goddess Sherawali shal help you get rid of worries. And there’s more to it. My cow wants to say something about your child’s well-being. “If you feel uneasy”  “in the third month” “have some basil leaf extract” “to get rid of it.” “Have sufficient” ” fruits and flowers.” “If mother and child remain healthy” “they can keep the diseases at bay.” “Don’t exert yourself” “and take ample rest.” “Do meditate” “and pray to God.” “Keep anger” “at bay.”

“Stay happy,” “cheerful and loving.” “Be kind” “and generous. “That will help your child” “to grow into a noble soul.” “A noble soul.” “He’ll be playful” “noble and an intellectual.” “You must take” “good care of yourself.” Did you get it? – I understood everything. Don’t forget what Gauri’s cow told you. One who possesses Ganges Goddess Sherawali shall help you get rid of worries. I am Gauri. My cow shall answer

all your questions Ask anything you want to. Anjana must’ve followed all the words she heard. And with the blessings of Lord Shiva, Hanuman must’ve been born as a healthy child. How could that be? – Why so? Hanuman seems to possess a calm and composed demeanour. Did you think that he wasborn with such a humble aura? Was Hanuman mischievous as a child?Not as a childbut he began beingmischievous right in the womb.In the womb! Anjana’s physical appearance

underwent a divine change. She shined. She looked divine. She developedan aura around her. Her hunger knew no bounds. Mangoes! Lord, I wish to have mangoes. Are you still hungry for more food? I mean.. From where do I getmangoes in this season? Beloved, it’s impossible to get mangoes now. Can you take me to a mango farm? I shall satiate myself by looking at the mango tree. As you wish!

Don’t be disappointed, Anjana.Let me send my men towards east. Perhaps they might find some of it there. Mango! Lord, do you see mangoes? Look at that big juicy mango. Not this one.The one on that branch. The one on your right.Not this one.The one on the highest branch.That one.

Which mango do you want? I am not certain. Look, the one on the right. The biggest one. Let me tell you! Anjana, how can you do such an activity in this condition? She developed an extraordinary source of energy.Kesari, being a warrior, was astonished. The source of energy was the might Hanuman in Anjana’s womb I had a strange experience last night I felt like your son is walking inside my womb. I was baffled Every mother experiences this during the fifth month. Yes. Once I experienced this my mind was filled with ecstasy. Hey! Look, he’s walking again. He’s talking too. May I? Anjana! Are you alright?I am okay. I could see a divine power. I am astonished too. How could I do it? This is the aura of Lord Shiva’s divine intervention.Hail Lord Shiva!- Hail Lord Shiva!

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