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Hello everyone. Here is the new video. Today, we will talk about different body types. Whether your purpose is to build muscles, weight gain, weight loss or general fitness. It is important to know what is your body type. Because we all have different genetics and different bodies. If you know what is your body type then you can easily plan your diet and workout schedule And you can achieve your dream body. Let’s start the video.

what is your body type

Let’s talk about the three body type Ectomorph, Endomorph, and Mesomorph. Now, I will tell you about the features of these three. So that you can find out in which category you fall. First, we will talk about Ectomorph. These types of people are generally tall, slim with longer limbs. They have high rate of metabolism And they find it difficult to gain weight and build muscle because these people have low myozenin production.

Myozenin is important for your muscle development. Due to low myozenin these people have difficulty in doing intense training or tough training because of which they cannot gain muscle easily. These people have to do hard work for achieving their goals. Whenever they start doing muscle building, only their limb muscle got build. Second is Endomorph, these people are generally short, are heavy, shoulder narrow and their hip and tummy are heavy. Their tendency to gain is very high, they gain weight even they are eating less. They struggle to lose weight But naturally they are powerful, they have good strength so they can lift weight and can be power lifter. Third body type is Mesomorph, these people have perfect balance between fat and muscle. These people can gain muscle easily and also, they can reduce weight easily too.

These people can easily make the kind of physique they want and they get the result fast. It simply means that, they don’t have to struggle, too much with their bodies. After all this, you may have got an idea that which kind of body type you have. Now we will talk about, in accordance with your body type what kind of workout and diet you must stick to. So, the people who are ectomorph doesn’t need to do a lot of cardio because they already have fast metabolism but it doesn’t mean they stop doing cardio Because cardio is good for your heart health. And if you do cardio, there will be better oxygen supply in your body due to which your performance gets better. Now, how much cardio these people have to do. So, they should do low intense cardio for 15-20 mins twice a week. If we talk about string training, then they should do heavy lifting Focuses on compound movement rather than isolation.

Compound movement means squats, weight lift, bench press, push-ups, etc. Whenever you do work out 6-10 repetition is ideal for you, Keep rest between sets longer And in every week 3-4 strength training sessions will be good for you. If we talk about diet, it doesn’t matter how much these people eat they don’t gain fat easily.

But it doesn’t mean you will eat a lot of junk food If you will continue to eat junk food for long period you will gain belly fat and your other body part will remain slim. These people have to be in surplus by 600-800 calories But keep in mind that eat as healthy as possible.

Whenever you plan your diet there must be good amount of protein with more quantity of carbohydrates But keep in mind that whatever carbohydrate you will have that must be healthy. Now, we will talk about endomorph. As you know these people gain fat so fast but it doesn’t mean you will run on treadmill all day and do long cardio session. These people will get benefit from HIIT. HIGH INTENSE INTERVAL TRAINING. They have to do consistently 4-5 sessions of HIIT per week.

They should do heavy to moderate strength training These people should do mixture of compound and isolation. The repetition will be 12-15 and whenever you plan your session add drop sets and super sets in it But rest between sets will be less. These people have to do consistently 5 days a week strength training.

In their diet they have to keep less calories and ideal calory intake will be 1600-1800 but few people take very less calories which is sometimes less than 1000 calories, don’t do it because it will reduce their energy level and they will not do training properly even their metabolism will get slow. These people have to intake quantity of protein and good fat in a good amount and take carbohydrate in less quantity. Now if you are taking less carbohydrates
you will have to eat moderate amount of fruits. Now we will talk about mesomorph, the luckiest body type. These people don’t have to do high intense cardio nor low intense. They should do moderate base cardio and don’t do it everyday. If you will do it on alternative days it will be helpful for you. In strength training, they should do moderate to heavy training. If you are doing heavy lifting, 4-6 repetitions will be good and when you are doing moderate lifting 15-20 repetitions will be good. You will get best results from strength training when you are doing it 4-5 days a week. Their calories intake must be on a higher side, 2500 calories would be ideal for these people in which 50% calories must be from carbohydrates, 35% calories from protein and 15% from fat. Here we have talk about three types of body But so many other people are mixture of two body types like ECTO MESO and ENDO MESO.

In this you will see which one is dominating and then plan accordingly your diet, lifestyle and workout. I know genetic thing plays an important role and not everything is in your hand But by consistent diet, workout and healthy lifestyle you can achieve your goals. With this we are ending our video. I will continue to make informational videos for you And will come here again for you all. Please do let me know in the comment box how you have liked this video. Till then good bye.

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