BighnaHarta Ganesh Story in English

Lord Vishnu. You have increased the volume of your conch shell and have created a hurdle for my drum’s sound to reach you. I will get rid of the hurdle even if I have to use my weapons. The fight between Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu is very inauspicious. I will have to go to the place where Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu are fighting. Such a bright light! Amazing! Shocking! We are lucky to witness Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu’s gentle form. Both the Gods are protecting each other with their energy. This is an example of unconditional love. ‘Even though, Lord Vishnu has forgotten everything’ ‘His subconscious is still devoted’ ‘to Lord Shiva and loves Him.’ ‘That is why, a part of him is going against him’ ‘and protecting Lord Shiva.’ Our selfish fascination towards the Lord was not appropriate. Because of that we made both the Gods fight each other. Lord Vishnu’s wheel and Lord Shiva’s trident were not able to destroy each other even though, they were weapons. Yes. Because the affection of both the lords towards each other was made evident through that. That is why, the light that got created from their collision destroyed the feeling of greed and fascination in the five women. Because of that, they were able to tell the difference between fascination and unbreakable love. But, Lord, I am still confused about something. Why were Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu fighting if they were also protecting each other. That is because Lord Vishnu still had not remembered anything. He was still trapped because of the boon that he gave to the five women. There was no way to stop the fight till he would snap out of that condition. Now, the inevitable was going to happen in the battle. Lord Shiva had evoked Pashupatastra and Lord Vishnu had evoked Narayanastra. It had the energy of the entire universe in it. Our sons died because of us. Our sons died because of us. The underground ocean got harmed. Now, such an inauspicious thing is about to happen. That would destroy the entire universe. I will fight you till your memories return, Lord Vishnu. I am sure that it will definitely happen. ‘Pashupatastra contains the energy of all the creatures’ ‘in the world.’ ‘It was now going to be used against Narayanastra.’ Am I too late to get here? Did the battle begin? I need to get there soon. What is Lord doing? It is unimaginable for me. How is this happening? Why are Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu fighting? That means they witnessed the lord’s gentle form. Yes, Mushak. Because the last two perversions in their heart.. Their hearts had become pure because the feelings of envy had been destroyed. It is true that people with such feelings are unsuccessful in witnessing any God. People who are freed of every corruption see God everywhere. That is what was happening with the five women. We were so overtaken by our jealousy and envy that we committed the sin of taking away not just the husband of Lady Laxmi, who resides within us but also the guardian of the world. Despite getting Lord Vishnu we could not get him completely. And we also lost the sons we got from Lord Vishnu. Lady Parvati was right. We have invited our own destruction. ‘The way help rendered out of selfishness is not good karma’ ‘the same way a boon received ‘through deceit is not fruitful.’ O Lady Parvati we did not accept your suggestion forgive us for that. Forgive us for our past foolishness, ego jealousy and improper attraction. Help us avert this terrible danger. Help us! Accept our request, Lady. Accept it, Lady. I had told you to not make such a mistake and to apologise to Lord for your mistake. Free Lord Vishnu from the shackles of your boon. And return him to his wife, Lady Laxmi. What are you waiting for now? Return Lord Vishnu to Lady Laxmi. Free him from your binding. We free you from the effect of our boon, Lord. Now you do not need to forget Lord Shiva, Lady Laxmi and this world, whose guardian you are. Return to your loved ones. “This is a wonderful bond of love and devotion.” “It shows the affection between Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva.” “Their emotions were visible in their eyes.” “They kept looking at each other.” “Lord Vishnu has Lord Shiva’s image in his heart” “and Lord Vishnu resides in Lord Shiva’s heart.” Lord Shiva. – Lord Vishnu. Lady Laxmi. Husband. Husband. We should have been consumed by your devotion but instead, we wrongfully got attracted to you. We should have been happy with Sister Laxmi’s happiness but we got jealous of her. Forgive us for our mistake, Lord. Forgive us, Lord, forgive us. Forgive us, Lord, forgive us. Only Lord Shiva can forgive you now. O merciful Lord Shiva we insulted you. It was a terrible sin. We committed the sin of stopping you from taking Lord Vishnu to his place. Forgive us, Lord, forgive us. Forgive us, Lord, forgive us. Forgive us, Lord. Being attracted to those who do not belong you is envy and jealousy. And jealousy invites destruction. Every creature should keep that in mind. Because whenever jealousy is born it only dies with utter destruction. “Hail Lord Shiva..” So, the narration of the story of my divine Lord Sinha ends here. So, with the ultimate avatar of Lord Shiva himself he established a new life and a discourse that one should not get attracted to something which belongs to someone or a person himself. Nor someone should give birth to hatred in his being. That’s because the things which does not belong to a person that can never become the source of happiness. We need to give obeisance to Lord Vrishabh. Ganesh, Mushak belongs to a smaller being. His heart is small. So, while paying respects to the Lord when He will be here He should not get furious by seeing this small animal. Mushak has not committed any mistake, Ravan. So, Mushak will not be afraid if he pays homage in any form to the Lord. Actually.. But Ganesh.. “It is Lord Shiva who quells the problems of everyone.” “He frees every being from all difficulties.” “Hail Lord Shiva..” “Hail Lord Shiva..” “Hail Lord Shiva..” “Hail Lord Shiva..” “Hail Lord Shiva..” “Hail Lord Shiva..” “Getting attracted by the beings” “Lord Vishnu went to the abyss.” “Giving the boon to the ladies, he also lived with them.” “By hearing this, Lord Shiva took the avatar” “of Vrishabh and killed all the avatars.” “Hail Lord Shiva..” “Hail Lord Shiva..” “Hail Lord Shiva..” “Hail Lord Shiva..” Greetings, Lord. Greetings, Lord. Please accept the greetings of King Ravan, Lord. Ravan.. There is no need to be scared of me. I have not come to take the ‘Atmalinga’ of the Lord. I am not scared, Lord. That is because I know that nobody snatch the ‘Atmalinga’ from me. Very soon, with this, I will reach Lanka because across this jungle lies Konkan. And a little far away from there lies the sea. And then, I will reaCh Lanka. After today’s sunset I, Ravan, will be in Lanka. Ravan, you are forgetting that even before you reach the shores your boat might capsize. And whatever is not yours, will remain here. King, where are you lost? Why are you silent, Ravan? Mushak only asked you what you are wondering. Ganesh, according to me the task of Mushak ends here. So, he should return or else he will make us slow down our journey. I need to reach Lanka immediately. By the way, amidst these jungles lies the vicious reptiles and animals. Then, only you should proceed. It would be better for me to return. Mushak.. Oh! Mushak just left. So, now it is only me who has to delay Ravan in reaching Lanka. Mushak! Ravan.. Have some water. “Clever.. Clever..” What happened, Ganesh? It seems your thoughts are wandering now. Ravan, I am worried that the preachings of Lord Vrishabh might come true. But it seems, you are not worried at all. Yes. Tell me something, Ganesh.. In which avatar does the Lord appears every time? All the avatars or form of Lord Shiva is one. But only the divine Mahadev is the God. He is the ultimate deity. You are right because He is the greatest. Tell me, who is the greatest devotee of Lord Shiva? The ultimate devotee of Lord Shiva, Ravan? Lord Parashuram. Ganesh, I am questioning you that who is the greatest devotee of Lord Shiva. I see.. Then, that devotee has to be Markande, Ravan. You are right. Definitely, Sage Markande is the devotee of Lord Shiva but I asked you about the greatest devotee.. And that is me! And no tragedy can happen with the biggest devotee of Lord Shiva. So, I am not worried. Without doubt. Look, Ganesh. Lord Shiva is always with me. And the proof is in front of you. Greetings, Father. By the blessings of this divine form of Lord Shiva I have got the opportunity to be blessed by Krishna. Come. I will narrate the next story of the avatar of Lord Shiva. Of course, Ravan. Come. The avatar of Krishna which discoursed the universe that be it any object or any belongings one should not be attached to it. “Hail Lord Shiva..” “Hail Lord Shiva..” “Hail Lord Shiva..” “Hail Lord Shiva..” “Hail Lord Shiva..” “Hail Lord Shiva..” ‘The word ‘I’ denotes ego.’ ‘One should keep this away from self.’ ‘That is because the worthiness of a devotee’ ‘lies in the dictum of the universe and not himself.’

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