11 Bad Habits who want people respect them

Hey friends, if you are watching the video then you are one of those people who want people respect them. If you are in school, college, then you would like your friends your teacher to respect you, if you do a job, then you feel that your colleagues your boss should respect you. you are inferior, your superior all respect you.

now you would also want your relatives your parents also respect you, the truth is that every person wants from the heart. that every people should respect them, no one should look down on them. And this same thing mentions in meslow hierarchy.

We humans have many basic needs, among them the basics which are important, because of which one can live a happy and fulfilling life, that one need is respect. or need of self-esteem.

we want that people will respect us. And until we get that respect. from society and others, till then there is very less chance that we can live fulfilling and happy life etc. Many times people earn money by sailing their respect.

but after earning money they not able to remain happy, why. because respect is very important human need. Every one needs. want to live their life happily. now this need is very important, everyone wants that people will respect them, what inadvertently.

makes such 11 mistakes, 11 habits they keeps it inside, Because of this they are not able to fulfill their need. not able to live a fulfilling life, Today I am going to share 11 such habits with you, which you should do at least from your life, See remember one thing.

which is not at all such that even one of the 11 habits is in your life, then people will not respect you, life is not black and white, try big, the least that is the habit is inside you, it is good for you. At least as many of these 11 habits are in you. the more chances will be that people will respect you.

And I want you to comment and tell which of these habits are not in you. now let’s Start with 11 habits. Habit No. 1 A low Status Live. Let’s Start With First Thing, You notice that, no matter how good a person from his heart is, no matter how good work he is done.

many times people don’t respect him just because he doesn’t have money, There is no power, there is no status, through this video, I just do not want to feel-good you, but I want to tell you the truth that yes if you do not have money, if you do not have power, do not have status, There is a high chance that people will not respect you.

Now you will say what it is, it is not a habit. It is habit, Look What Happens Usually, A Quote From Bill Gates That. “It’s Not Your Fault If You born Poor”, “But It’s Your Fault If You Die Poor”. Look The Thing Is Most People Live In Their Comfort Zone. don’t try anything new anytime, don’t try to learn anything. Look, if you want to become rich in today’s time, then it has become a very easy thing, it was never so easy in history to become rich as it is today. and even today if you are not becoming rich. then it is definitely your fault somewhere today. Because of internet, because of mobile, what can even a child of the village do, He can earn money and become rich, but if you sit in your comfort zone, and never see big goals, you will not see big vision. and move away from your comfort zone.

you will not be able to become rich and if you do not become rich then? there is a high chance that people will not respect you, I have seen this many times people are very good at heart. but still because they do not have money and power, status. Because of which people do not respect them. and this is a very bitter truth that you should understand, and I make many videos in this channel related to money because money is really important which helps you to get everything in your life. I will also give you the link of a video, How to start a business with no money which can teach you basically earning money, Please check out that. Second bad habit is always lying, no person likes such a person Comes the one.

who lies again and again, lies on everything and especially lies on such things where, he does not want to show himself less. I have seen there are many people who you fear to show your shortcomings, They tell lies. They tell lies for no reason, Usually those who lies again and again. people do not like them. because they are not able to trust them, trust is a very important thing for giving respect. trust and respect sometimes go hand in hand, and sometimes people lie too much always They keep on telling lies, they lie on every little thing like someone called “where are you?” and the person in front says, just I am coming on the way. and in reality what happens is he is sleeping in the bed.

bed like this Small and big and big lies keep telling man again and again, that’s why people tell him Stops respecting in the long run, while on the other hand a person tells his shortcoming, his fears, also his evils, see what happens many times people like such people, now I made a recent video,video I told That who was the author of “Daring Greatly” went to give TED Talks, there she openly told about her vulnerability and all of her fear and all the bad thing about her.

she told people about her, taking down starting and telling all these things, then it is reducing my authority, it will affect me on my image. but should she just tell how truthfully about his fear and vulnerability. people like her very much and respect her. so if you also more people respect you don’t hide your shortcomings and fear Do not tell lie, speak truthfully as it is, which people will support you a lot, trust me, at this time of today, everyone speaks falsehood, at such a time you become such a person, do you make such a habit, do you always speak the truth. alone this habit will help you a lot.

People will respect you very much from heart. Habit No. 3 – No boundaries, I have a friend who is very good at heart He talks to everyone, be it elder or old, talks to the best He keeps on talking to them, many times he gets time on him, so what does he do that he hangs out with children, hangs out with them, has fun, because of this, what happened, small children, they do not respect him. He older from them all.

still kids do not respect him, because because he has not set the boundary. Usually a person does not set boundaries for himself, I will do this, it will not work and follows no rules for himself Does not keep it and everyone remains the same, what is the thing that you are not setting the step well, people will take you lightly, man, it will always, I will let him do. it reduce your value?

And people don’t respect you, I know that speaking “NO” is very difficult.

Even for me. Many times it is difficult not to speak, if you want me to make a video on it, “How to say NO” when some one always make a request, and you have to say “NO” then how should you speak, if you want me to make a video, then definitely tell by commenting I will also make a video on this and put it.

Next habit is – always be available.

if you will always be available to any person, you will not know or unknowingly he stop respecting you. Usually what happens? We love our family member very much, but because he is always available with us, whatever happens, will always be there for me, I know. then somewhere like this what happens that we start reducing his respect is it like this Which you will not think, but subconsciously this is It happens in our mind because our parents and our family are always available for us, when we need those people, family are always available for us, what happens to us is that, we do not value them as much as we should do influence: The Psychology of Persuasion books tell us we humans like scarce things very much, that means there is limited addition. That thing which is limited. Automatically our attraction towards him increases. We like the thing which are very scarce. but the same thing. It is available in bendable, We don’t care for her no matter how important she is For example oxygen today we have a lot of oxygen available, we are not appreciated it, but when oxygen will start to end. then we will have reliance then oxygen How important was it, similarly you should also remain a scarce, you should not always be available to everyone, , you should be available to certain people.

when time came, but if you are always available to everyone. what will happen to you, will your value decrease, people will also reduce respecting you, that is why , you should not always be available to everyone

Next habit is “talking to much”

48 laws of power which is written by Robert Greene. one law inside it, it’s told. you should talk less. or give an example of some of my friends, then I have a friend who talks a lot, Because he talk so much, so many times when he talks good things, people do not value him. On the other hand there is a friend who talks very rarely.

he will speak at a very short time but whenever he does, Every one stop talking, and starts listening to him, why because Cassidy principal somewhere, he is very rally Speaks and that thing seems to be very attractive, that’s why it is very important you stop talk too much, otherwise it will reduce your value, you will talk too much, you will also make more mistakes, people make fun of you and there will be some problem.

people who are sensible. think first and then they speak. And stupid people First speaking and than think what did I say, thing which separated smart and stupid people, so be smart, If you be smart, people will respect you Next is not respect others. there is one principle of ‘Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion’, reciprocity. If you give something to the other person, he will also give you something in return. If we give a gift to someone on the birthday, he gives us a return gift If we do something good with the person in front, then he also comes in depth.

and he also does something good for us. In the same opposite if we do something bad to the other person So the person in front also thinks bad for us in his mind and probably does that too. reciprocity is a very important principle that is sitting in our mind The one who is sitting in our mind is sitting on us like tit for tat, account is sitting inside the mind.

according to the principal, if you want people respect you, then you will have to respect them first, you will respect the person in front, there is a chance that they will respect you, but now you are not even respecting others, you are just doing what you want. you are disrespecting each and everyone.

then such people will not like you, and they will not respect you either. remember that it is not that the front guy dis-respect you. keep doing that, and you are keep respecting him. if you want, then people should respect you, then please respect them first, than he will also respect you.

next habit is “self-centeredness”

You there are some people. some people who come, whenever they talk, always talk only about themselves, they start praising themselves that I did this, I do this, I do that I know this much, I know this, I know this, I know that, always they are self-cantered, keep talking about themselves and keep on expanding themselves, usually when such people go to their group, then everyone Mouths are made because everyone knows that he is going to praise himself by doing such people, people do not like such people, do not respect them, yes do not speak from the front but do behind the back, the person who always thinks about himself, self-center always what happens that people always respect that person less, so you should not become such a person, you should think more about others, when you think about others, talk about them, they will definitely respect you.

and this is are also Mentioned in the Book called “how to talk to anyone”

Next Heaving No Talent and Skills Earlier I saw a video in which a man, an African man does. pick up the used Tyre and from that. makes very good slippers with the help of the used Tyre. He wasn’t rich he wasn’t smart enough. but he has skills, he has talent And because of this talent people respect him. video was share by many people.

And when I saw that, I was very impressed what talent it has he has a good skill. because of this, I have respect for him. like this whenever you have kills, if you have talent too, then it will also attract people towards you And because of the talent, people will respect you, It is also very important that you be a skillful and talented person.

The more skillful and talented you become, the more people will respect you. 10th is having no confidence, I have seen this many times, people who do not have confidence, who are not able to talk openly, neither of the coming out, always live in hiding. People make fun of him, even give more trouble to him and respects him very little, even if he is very smart, very talented, even if he has money, there is a lot but, people who have no confidence inside, they are always under pressure, never do anything, do not speak anything do not speak their desire and what they want. people do not even respect them.

and This thing is mentioned in the “No more Mr. Nice guy” book. and just opposite the people who’s body poster is opened. people who are not afraid to take space can keep their hands out wide live broad and take space. Usually Those who are under confident, always try to hide, take less space. they do not want people to see them, people looked at them, how inferior they are feeling, they were feeling under confident and those who are confident They are not afraid to take space. even if they sit with open arm,they sit with space, what happens is this whole thing shows that they are confident. you see the people who are confident. People will respect them. because the thing is. Courage and Confidence are very rare commodity.

Look we humans are one The thing is, we are always attracted towards confidence, if we do not understand what to do in life, where to go, what not to do, that’s why we take advice from them, are very confident in our life, and confidently taking any action. And a lot of research has also been done on it, a person who can confidently takes action, takes decision, sometimes people will follow him even if he is not taking the wrong decision, yet people will follow him because he was confident, confidence is very attractive, due to which people also respect a lot That’s why you are also confident of people, I have also made a video related to it, I will give its link in the description, if you want you to be a confident person, your body language looks very confident, then there are some videos for that too, I will give the link in the description.

Last Habit is “having no knowledge”.

Look, nowadays such a wonderful time is going on, you can do all the things you want, just by using mobile phone, you can consume as much knowledge as you want, first what you have to do to get the knowledge Had to go to the library, had to buy books, had to buy courses, but in today’s time you can get courses of big university for free but still most of the people do not take this knowledge. a person has very good knowledge. than by using his mobile, sitting at home . he can earn lakes of rupees by using internet. but still most of the people don’t do this because they don’t have proper knowledge then they don’t even go after learning it. Not even why people keep learning like today’s time, I have already told that our time is going on today, is it knowledge base economy, what does it mean, like what used to happen earlier, that person was the most attractive, his people respect him. Used to do which was very powerful, it had many massages, which could bring food by hunting and can protect his family, but you can see in today’s time that has more knowledge can earn money, you can bring food at home, can produce his family, knowledge has become a very powerful commodity and because people are not respecting this commodity, people are not respecting them even though you want people to. If you respect you, then you should become a knowledgeable person, see many times when a useless person speaks, you will not listen to him, but see that a knowledgeable person speaks a successful person, then people listen to him and respect him because because he has the knowledge. knowledge is Potential Power You should understand this if you also want to keep increasing your knowledge always without reading books and want to take knowledge of book then it is very good thing you can subscribe my channel here what I do every week I keep sharing knowledge of books with you for free.

If you keep getting amazing knowledge of books without reading, , then these were the 11 habits about which if you understand well then people will definitely respect you if you take them lightly then there is a lot of chance that people will not respect you Will I hope you have found this video useful, you must have got to learn many useful things, for now that’s all thanks for watching…

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